Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Purging the Analog

The digital revolution of photography changed the game in the way of storing images. Now a clean, small, metal box the size of a cassette tape can store a years work of images. Back in the analog days that would of been a Rubbermaid tote or two.
Starting my career back in those analog days has left me with massive amount of slide, transparency, print and negatives that I have moved way too many times over the years. Seven massive totes!! Seven!! And thats just the selects. Over the years it has traveled from apartments to studios to homes. It was time to do something with this pile images that have brought me to the point in my career that I am now.
I was always thinking of maybe doing a art project or something with all of this material. But alas, it time for it to all go in the bin. Do miss being able to physically be able to sort photographs like this. There is a pure satisfaction viewing an actually printed image rather then your work on a  LED screen.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Zealand 2015

Just got back from an other fantastic visit to my favorite country in the world -NEW ZEALAND!
Cant wait to get back again. Such a visually rich place to explore.