Friday, November 2, 2012

Location Location Location !!

Shooting all over the place last week. A project from Draft for OLG that took me to all of the Ontario hot spots , Windsor, Brantford, Innisfil and Sault Ste Marie.
Met some great people and listened to some touching personal stories.
Check out the video stories located here on Ontario Lottery Gaming's web site.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Afternoon tea and knitting

  Some fun work again with Laura Chau ! A knitting designer, spinner, dyer and a all around creative, Laura is a pleasure to work with. From her baked goods she brings to set ( ummmm YUMMM !) to her relaxed personality that makes shooting for her a true pleasure. 
 Again working with a super creative team: Jasmine Ciranic, art directing. Babette working on hair and makeup, and Angela Cirjanic = the glamorous high school teacher SLASH model .
Check out the collection here:
And previous collections and Laura's blog here:


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sponsor videos


A fast edit of the "making of" some video's for Air Miles with the Direct Antidote team. The job took my crew to Calgary, Montreal and around Toronto. Thanks all involved ! From Fran Rutherford for producing , Asad Azizi and Derek Evernden for Art directing, Eric Code was the writer, Adrian Parks for editing and working camera, Ainsley Boyd for assisting and keeping things organized and all the rest of the crew!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

ECO Home Build

 Toronto Eco Home build
So sadly not my house : (  But a good friend of mine built this home over the past year. It is a build that incorporates Modern home building concepts that also are great for the environment . like grey water use and storage, Insulation and R values that put most modern subdivision home to complete shame, high efficiency heating and cooling, recycled building materials and built in a way that this home is here to stay.
BV Enterprise / Urban ECO did a fantastic job on the home.Tones of light , very bright. Cozy but open and modern all at the same time. Love it !

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pictures of Pat

 Patricia is working hard on her music, getting ready to release her sweet voice upon us ! So we thought we would shoot some promotion shots for her so that the peeps of the world could put a stunning smile to that stunning voice.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First camera

The very first camera I had as my own ( not one borrowed from Mum and Dad ) was a Minolta weathermatic 110 camera.
I remember getting it from Consumers distributing when I was thirteen years old. That yellow rugged big dial look drew me too it. And I had vision of shooting underwater exploration pictures just like Jack Cousteau did !
The first trip I took it on turns out it will be its last.  My family took a trip to Greece sailing around the Greek Islands and visiting some of the old ruins. One of these tourist spots we stopped at was an amphitheater in Epidaurus ..... long story short .... someone nicked it... BAHHH! I was very upset . And ended up drowning my sorrows in a glass of Orangina at a harbor side cafe in Athens .
Never did get to see my first compositions from that camera : (

Monday, January 30, 2012

WWF Sweater Day Campaign

 Now here is a worthy cause! Love it when you can have a fun creative shoot with a fantastic team and save the the planet all in one day! Well... maybe not save the planet, but at least be a step in the right direction. 
 WWF has its annual Sweater Day on Feb 9th to encourage homes and businesses to conserve resources by reducing the temperature of your energy consuming heating system, simply by slipping on a sweater.. no fancy physics there.  It's simple and effective, bringing energy conservation front of mind.

 John St. was the creative agency on the project, creating some fun and direct messages for the Sweater Day event. It was definitely an honor to work with such a creative, award-winning team. Kyle Lamb was the creative on set for the duration of the shoot along with Dana Drummond producing the shoot.
 One aspect of this shoot was sourcing the correct hand model. A set of hands that fit the bill of a grandma, knitting away a cozy sweater. B&M model management here in Toronto helped us out with this. Introducing us to Sandy Bohl, a model I have worked with in the past and a true pro in the industry.
 Next challenge was that I know zip-zero-nothing about knitting.... seriously. All I know is that you need a sheep and a couple of pointy needles, and somehow a sweater is created.  So I placed a call to Jasmine Cirjanic to get her on board to help out with this project. As an avid knitter, designer, art director, stylist and all around style queen she was, of course, my first choice. I always love working with her and I find we work well together as a team. The folks at the Purple Purl helped with getting the yarn and knitting a swatch.
  After some graphics were added in post-production, we have the final product going up nationwide for the Sweater Day campaign. It will be displayed in most Loblaws centers, as they were also a big sponsor for the project. So a big shout out to them for that.
Check out the WWF page, bust out your favorite sweater for Feb 9th, and turn down your heat!