Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First camera

The very first camera I had as my own ( not one borrowed from Mum and Dad ) was a Minolta weathermatic 110 camera.
I remember getting it from Consumers distributing when I was thirteen years old. That yellow rugged big dial look drew me too it. And I had vision of shooting underwater exploration pictures just like Jack Cousteau did !
The first trip I took it on turns out it will be its last.  My family took a trip to Greece sailing around the Greek Islands and visiting some of the old ruins. One of these tourist spots we stopped at was an amphitheater in Epidaurus ..... long story short .... someone nicked it... BAHHH! I was very upset . And ended up drowning my sorrows in a glass of Orangina at a harbor side cafe in Athens .
Never did get to see my first compositions from that camera : (

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